Any substance, commonly oil or saliva, used in erotic photos on the web to make the female appear "wet" and therefore sexually excited.

Alternatively refers to the cornstarch and water solution squirted onto various bits of anatomy in similar pictures to mimic male ejaculate.
"Hon, you're reminding me of my wife; we need some sweetener. Lick your finger and wiggle it around down there a bit before putting your leg behind your head, 'k?"

"That's it? Christ, mix up some artificial sweetener and squirt it on her tits and chin. You better keep it up for the money shots after that sorry dribble, you little prick!"
by Robzilla December 28, 2005
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Sperm or Man juice. Also known as jiz.
She took a sip of my artificial sweetener.
by Chaz July 8, 2004
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