Canadian pronunciation of ass; the buttocks; butt, ass, behind, etc.
Damn jigga, you just capped my arss
by Shanomac May 7, 2003
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Recent studies state that you combine 25% Thomas Shelby, 25% Harvey Specter, 20% Michael Scott, along with 30% Swami Vivekananda and you have your ARSS ready. This guy will take your breath away and will leave you speechless. When he walks into the room, people just can't their eyes off of him. Tall, Dark and Handsome professional he is. His manners are impeccable and he's a living example of a gentleman in the 21st century. He loves fine single malt whiskey, Zinfandel red wine, a top sirloin with some mash in a Victorian Era themed restaurant in London or New York.

Women wants to have babies with him and men wants to be friends with him.

He has been accused of being a vampire in past but all these claims were rejected as he was frequently seen at the beach during daylight. He can be a sweetheart but your worst enemy if you step off on the wrong foot.
Lady 1: OMG! Jessica, you are glowing so much. Have you been taking any supplements lately?

Lady 2: No silly, I just talk to Anmol for 5 min everyday, hence the glow!!

Lady1: GOOOD!! You mean "Anmol Rattan Singh Sidhu (ARSS)" ?

Lady2: YESSSS!!!!!!!
by hermionebeesly November 24, 2021
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When your walking down the hallway (specifically a left handed hallway)eating out your cats ass hole and you stub your toe on your right foot
I was heading to the kitchen with tom when I Yeeeter'istmenst'(arss)thdk'dick'in'your'butt(fuck)estin(me)st(jerry)ssst myself
by potatoes fagit February 20, 2017
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