arsim is a plural word for ars.
ars is an israeli male from the ages of 11-18 but somtimes their age goes up to 30 +.
the arsim are socially influenced by thier friends or brothers. they usally wear crocker hats, big golden necklaces, and puma shoes.
they are very violent pepole, they hate every one that is slightly diffrent then they are.
they walk only in groups and when ever they have a chance they start fighting.
they listen to eastern/arabic music but they also enjoy listening depressing music.
they start someking when they are between 11-13.
thier IQ is 10.
you walk alone on the street.
suddenly 10 arsim come from the other side of the street.
they'll start laughing at you.
and somtimes they'll try to hit you with stones etc...
by liraz July 29, 2006
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Arsim is a synonym for a good-looking , charismatic men with above average size of dick.

He is usually surrounded by shawties trying to increase their social-level by appearing near a arsim.
whore1: " Holy shit thats Mike , the local arsim ! That bitch Lisa is trying to climb the social ladder by riding his dick! "

whore2: " Awww shit! I'm so depressed I didn't met him sooner. Now I have to smoke crack and stay with that faggot adam loos."
by 420superman June 11, 2019
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He is the greatest and most funniest guy ever. A Best friend and partner. He would never scream or curse at you, in fact he's always nice, happy and quite but can be very loud at parties or other activites.Arsim is very sexuall. He likes dirty talk and hard sex and doesn't mind to gang bang. He is really open minded and cool to hang out with. Also he's always optimistic and wishes everybody the best. Arsim's often have a large dick because they're from South-Europe
Guy/Girl: "How hard do you bang?"
Guy: "I bang like I'm Arsim"
Guy: "I think everybody should be treated equally."
Guy/Girl: "Wow, that's really Arsim-like to say."
by BieberJustin January 2, 2017
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A Arsim is an illegal immigrant that is from a european country and has many children in the country he has taken refuge in to maybe make them stay to look after them.
Police: Your going home Fgt
Arsim: im a Arsim
Police: shit guess you have to stay then.
by Kool dude ilir July 1, 2018
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