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The sexiest and shortest girl you'll ever meet. She has the sharpest jawline which she uses to cut a bitch. Don't cross her if you plan on dying anytime soon. But she will have your back regardless even if you are dumb.
Yo, imma pull an arshjot and cut you right now.
by meth123 March 08, 2017
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A smart-ass that knows every answer in Math class. He's cool and all but a total nerd. But watch out he might be your future boss! Just kidding he probably isn't even gonna try out for college, just gonna be a soundcloud "rapper" livin' in his momma's basement for eternity.
Dude that guy is soo smart, he knows EVERRTHING
Chill bro, its just an "Arshjot".
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by Miss-Me-With-That-Gay-Shit March 04, 2018
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