Arschloch is the German word for Asshole. You could also you Arsch.
Du bist einen Arschloch! VERPISS DICH!

You are an Asshole! Fuck off (or fuck you)
by Court March 9, 2005
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Translated: You asshole fuck you
by ahahahaha April 10, 2004
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Arschloch is the GERMAN Word for ,,asshole"
We say in german :,, Kujtim du bist ein Arschloch"

:,,Kujtim you are an asshole"
by Robin_17_ April 29, 2020
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A way to say that someone is an asshole without them knowing what the hell you said.
*gets killed by someone in cod* "WOOOH! BOOM HEADSHOT!" "Du bist ein arschloch"
by PrinceRyt February 27, 2015
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„arschloch“ is the german word for asshole. As you can see, it‘s a classical Sören.
„Ex oder Offenbacher“
- second person drinks in one sip -
Sören : „Ich kann auch gut in Offenbach leben“ = arschloch
by Sam0812 June 5, 2022
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