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the king of sexual pandas including (but not limited to) sexual panda reb, sexual panda kev, sexual panda mela.
Sexual Panda Bob came over last night and made me 42 dollars.
by Court March 5, 2004
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Arschloch is the German word for Asshole. You could also you Arsch.
Du bist einen Arschloch! VERPISS DICH!

You are an Asshole! Fuck off (or fuck you)
by Court March 9, 2005
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Ficken comes from the verb- to fuck. Fick dich isn't an insult. it's saying fuck you(sexually) so your not saying much. If you want to say "fuck you" in German. use. "Verpiss dich!"
Lass mich allein! HE!!! VERPISS DICH blöde sau!
by Court March 9, 2005
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to take action in killing a bear.
The little boy jantared last night at camp.
by Court December 11, 2004
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slang terminology for "how did" or "how would"
How'd you get herpes on your arm?
by Court April 14, 2006
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A ghetto-fab place wit da biggest thugs around... No no, not really. A lame state with many rednecks. All they care about are trucks, hunting/fishing, dirtbike races, Old Orchard Beach, & UrbanDictionary.com (hence me being here).
Yo I be goin up to SoPo, Maine to kick it wit da homies.

I'm from Maine, so I eat deer & lobster & wear Fox sweatshirts.
by Court July 29, 2004
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a person of much older age (60-80s) that still are some what capable of driving, all you can see is there little old white hairs creeping over the steering wheel.
This is crazy that q-tip can't drive for nothing, its immpossible for them to see over the wheel of that lincoln town car.
by Court December 5, 2004
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