To die or be seriously injured in an underwhelming way.
Person A: *Falls down 1 foot*
Person B: you okay
Person B: You've just been armaed
Person A: *screams in pain*
by Edward Hill December 15, 2014
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Pronounced: ARE-MISS.

A last name,
heard to have originated from a place between Spain ang France.
Usually a person with the last name Armas is attractive.
"wow that girl is hot!"

"yea she must be in the armas family"
by bonitagirliyy July 17, 2008
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A game where 50 year old men think they are real 0P3R4T0RS.
Hey man lets play Arma 3 and shoot those Talibans down.
*Exaggerates and believes that the game is IRL
by Alurbamur August 14, 2018
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A badass bitch who gives no shit about what others think of her
She's an arma, way out of everybody's league
by TIMS1230 June 1, 2020
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An ausstrilian WOG. Someone who is not an ausstrilian or born in ausstrilia. They are a foreign peron who grew up in austrilia known as a "WOG" or an "Armas"
You're an armas not an austrilian. You just a wog.
by Farook Iqbal February 10, 2009
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Arma is originally a Latin word:
arma (genitive armōrum); n pl, second declension (plural only; not used in singular form)

1. defensive arms, armor/armour, shields, weapons of war.

2. war

3. soldiers, military power

4. defence

5. tools

ArmA is replacement name of games successing Operation Flashpoint (name Operation Flashpoint belongs to publisher Codemasters ) so ArmA 1 is Flashpoint 2 that cannot be called Flashpoint, same goes for ArmA 2 and 3.

ArmA is also originally meant as acronym of Armed Assault (used only in context of ArmA (1): Armed Assault )

ArmA 3 is ultimate open-world war simulation game by czech game developers Bohemia Interactive
James: Lets play my new spledid ArmA 3 Zeus mission

David: Wait, I m downloading gigabyte of new update
by ItIsOurJobToRespond June 19, 2015
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1. Any person(s) who have the abaility to adapt nearly instantly to video games, usually of complicated design.

2. Someone who will attempt to act out a combat scenario at a lazer tag event. (Because they can't afford airsoft)

ArmA (Armed Assault) is a combat simulator developed by Bohemia Interactive. ArmA is know for it's extremely large control scheme and steep learning curve.
1. Man this dude's already pretty good. Must be an Arma player.
2. Jesus, yesterday I encountered an Arma player at the Lazer tag arena.
by Code_Maker February 12, 2018
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