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noun used to described somebody who does something seeming impossible, but also kinda stupid, but still its really epic.
Chuck Norris built the hospital that he was born in. Chuck Norris is csika.

James: I passed the exam even thou I wasn't even in school when it was.
Viktor: You are csika!
by ItIsOurJobToRespond June 17, 2016
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Arma is originally a Latin word:
arma (genitive armōrum); n pl, second declension (plural only; not used in singular form)

1. defensive arms, armor/armour, shields, weapons of war.

2. war

3. soldiers, military power

4. defence

5. tools

ArmA is replacement name of games successing Operation Flashpoint (name Operation Flashpoint belongs to publisher Codemasters ) so ArmA 1 is Flashpoint 2 that cannot be called Flashpoint, same goes for ArmA 2 and 3.

ArmA is also originally meant as acronym of Armed Assault (used only in context of ArmA (1): Armed Assault )

ArmA 3 is ultimate open-world war simulation game by czech game developers Bohemia Interactive
James: Lets play my new spledid ArmA 3 Zeus mission

David: Wait, I m downloading gigabyte of new update
by ItIsOurJobToRespond June 19, 2015
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