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Pronounced: ARE-MISS.

A last name,
heard to have originated from a place between Spain ang France.
Usually a person with the last name Armas is attractive.
"wow that girl is hot!"

"yea she must be in the armas family"
by bonitagirliyy July 17, 2008
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An ausstrilian WOG. Someone who is not an ausstrilian or born in ausstrilia. They are a foreign peron who grew up in austrilia known as a "WOG" or an "Armas"
You're an armas not an austrilian. You just a wog.
by Farook Iqbal February 09, 2009
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A game where 50 year old men think they are real 0P3R4T0RS.
Hey man lets play Arma 3 and shoot those Talibans down.
*Exaggerates and believes that the game is IRL
by Alurbamur August 13, 2018
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