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Another spelling of the Kurdish word Aryan.
Em hemu Arianin/Ariyanin=
We are all Aryans.
by K.husrew March 02, 2008
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Another term for "bimbo" usually refering to someone who is blonde but can have any hair color.
Girl One: Wow that girl totally just ran into a wall.
Girl two: She's definatly an ariyan.
by aseaisalvaged May 30, 2009
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Most prettiest Blunt girl you’ll ever meet! She doesn’t give a Fuck about anyone else’s opinion! She doesn’t do drama and she likes to keep everybody out of her way.
Ariyan! Why are you so mean?

Ariyan is so pretty and cute.
by Ariiiiiiiba!! June 19, 2018
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Ariyan is addicted to fortnite and act Avery weird and stupid sometimes and has a brother named Sam and his brother is very hot, caring, loving and sexy also very good at sports. Sam is so attractive any girl would die to be with him.
Person 1 : Do You see that kid that ran into a man with his pink panther car ?

Person 2 : Yeah he must be an Ariyan.
by SoccerBro123 June 05, 2018
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