Arin Hanson is an animator/ gamer and is a part of a YouTube channel called Game Grumps, co-starring with Danny Avidan and formerly Jon Jafari.
"Wow, Arin Hanson is such a boopin' ass guy!"

"Maybe, but Pewdiepie is cooler."

"You are officially dead to me."
by Terra Risona September 8, 2015
A heckin cool YouTuber and animator who goes by egoraptor
Person 1: "Who's Arin Hanson"

Person 2: "Slim thicc boi"

Person 1: "Lol he sounds stupid"

Person 2: "Go commit neck rope"
by borklyn.png September 15, 2018
When you're playing a Mario game with a friend and you "accidentally" jump on his head, resulting your friend to lose a power-up or die.
Friend: "Bro! Stop doing The Arin Hanson!"
You: "I'm sorry! It's just an 'accident'!"
by uraK March 1, 2019
Kinda like Schrodinger's douchbag but you take it a step further and act like a spoiled brat when people call you out.
I saw this one YouTuber i liked but recently i hear they caught Arin Hanson Syndrome so they're receiving alot of hate.
by IR-wolf04 August 15, 2020
A pokemon challenge in which the participant will catch a Weedle and evolve it into a Beedrill, name it "Buntd," and complete the game using only said Beedrill and catching only pokemon needed to progress in the game - or alternatively catching multiple Beedrills to fill a team.

Named after Animator and Co-Host of Youtube show Game Grumps, in reference to a playthrough of Pokemon Fire Red in which he completed the game using an overleveled Beedrill.
"Man I just beat the new Pokemon game, now I'm going to do the Arin Hanson Challenge."

"Dude you're fuckin stupid if you think that's going to work."
by Navyseal566 May 7, 2021