The act of a being visibly slender in the abdominal region, yet thick in the legs and/or buttocks. (Adjective)
by Mac&Mar$ March 22, 2018
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being slim and thic in all the right places. if u slim thicc all the men will be quaking in ur presence. U will get man in 2 seconds and not hav work and be wifey and eventually become a thicc legend with time and many trips to mcdonalds.
Guy: "Dammmm that bih thicc as fukkk, lemme smash"

Another smarter guy with no herpes: "Nah she slim thicc, don't give her a herpes baby bruh"
by slim thicc legend October 26, 2017
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A term created to make flat or mostly flat girls feel better about themselves
*flat girl crying*
Boy: why u cryin?
Girl:I’m not thicc at all 😩
Boy: *knowing she’s not but tryna make her feel better* nah boo u ain’t THICC but u ain’t flat flat. U slim thicc!
by That slim thicc chicc November 5, 2019
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title of the most slim thicc paul abrahamian group chat of all time
paul abrahamian is so slim thicc
by slimthicchat June 19, 2019
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A way to describe a curvy woman's body shape.
Aye my girl is a reaaaal slim thicc.
by mayaaa✨❤️ April 13, 2017
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bella swender
you know who’s slim thicc? bella swender!!!
by bb6969 April 10, 2019
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Rihannon Trautmann's doctor said that she has more fat on her ass and thighs than anywhere else on her body // insta: iicyyqueen
Damn that shorty slim thicc jesus christ lemme grab a bowl of captain crunch.
by Juicee Vontee September 2, 2019
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