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are not
"they aren't here"
by prerogative July 16, 2014
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Arents is different name that not a lot of people would be used to. Arents are great people who show a lot of care, love, and passion for who they are
The arents family is a great family
by Little chicken nugget May 21, 2018
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Arent is good person it’s just nice to have him in your life he is a really good friend and is also A good boyfriend you are just very lucky to have a arent I your life and if u don’t got one you should find one you will not regret it
Boy1: dude i just got a new friend his name is arent and he is the best

Boy2: bro you are so lucky

Girl1: I got a boyfriend named arent

Girl2: OMG I’m so jealous I want one to is probably such a good boyfriend
by Schwuchtel January 13, 2020
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