Ha ha I just so appaullings pumping and his technique was shite.
by Ginger Barbarian. December 10, 2017
The n00bish and wrong way to spell the word 'appalling'. Studies have shown that farmers are among the worst spellers of this word.
by Ownage May 6, 2005
Short for appalogise which you can only say in the case of a phisical action
by Bliton7 May 9, 2006
Da behavior of da infamous Biblical spear-throwing hothead; it was so bad dat he changed da first letter of his name to become anonymous.
I find it apPAULling dat they didn't put David's would-be murderer into SAULitary confinement for his crimes.
by QuacksO February 21, 2021
An attempt at a Joke said by a Paul that is quite literally appalling
Paul gave me appaulling and it was absolutely appalling.
by Bullshitstublackbelt October 26, 2019