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stands for "A Piece Of Conceited Shit".
technically refers to anyone who thinks they're hot when they are not. basically now used to insult anyone.
wow ryan, you are such an apocs.

she is so apocs.

by apocs January 17, 2006
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The common word used on MMOwned to describe a male who loves male genitals.
The OP is such an Apoc, asking for gay porn.
by <lolwut May 01, 2008
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An egotistical maniac, he gets mad, and accuses everyone of modding and or hacking, all while using a modded controller.
He is the epitome of dumbassery. He is a peniswrinkle.

He also loves to say the N-word and swear excessively. He is a damn fool. Oh, and he can't stand king of the hill. And if your opinion isn't his, its wrong.
Apoc: WOW. You cheating whore! Your using lag switch. Nice one buddy, way to hack. STUPID MODER.

Dude 1: Your such an Apoc.
by Nigga mc niggaton. September 15, 2010
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