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means "brother" in the Armenian language. Often used by any Armenian male person referring to a stranger that they just met.
armenian: aper, mi hat papiros's kvares? (can u light my cig, brother?)
armenian 2: ba vonc aper (of course, brother)
by RABIZ November 16, 2004
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Rumour says that aper are divine creatures. Scientists have only found three so called 'aper' roaming this earth.
Ni e aper.
aper like korv.
by ap January 16, 2003
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Aper is often used when someone does something that a primate (ape) would do. If someone does a low-iq play, he/she can be called an aper.
Guy 1: *Goes AFK in a chest*
Guy 2: BRO you are such an aper for stayin afk in a chest!!!
by Bot ass bullshit September 1, 2020
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1. A thrashy trashy punk group whom less than half of the world even knows about.

2. The word you use when you want some hot lovin'

3. An ape with taste for smooth jazz and socks. Loves singing in the rain, eating, making fun of, and getting high.
1: "Have you ever heard the band Apers?"
" What the fuck is that?"
2: "I wanna get Apers tonight."
"Go for it!"

3: "My god, jovie. Your such an APERS!!"
by Jellbrow February 10, 2008
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~ NJ
Payton Reanne Aper is an amazing person who means alot to me and I don't know what I'd do without her.
by notnmj April 1, 2019
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