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A modification to the height of the handlebars on chopper-style motorcycles, raising the grips so far up above the seated rider that they appear to be "hanging" as they hold onto them; this causes the appearance of riders seeming similar to primates as they ride.
"My goodness, when Squid and Blade put those ape hangers on their bikes, they looked like two crazed gorillas."
by Jake Barnes June 07, 2005
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man boobs that sag with great severity, also having the ability to use aforementioned man boobs as leverage.
that kid just used his ape hangers to get out of the pool in the deep end.
by Seanchito Lopez August 05, 2011
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When a woman has giant hairy pussy lips
Guys I was going down on shealia last night and she had giant ape hangers! I got out of there as fast as I could
by Mstrhntr97 June 13, 2018
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