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Came from the legendary site A slang term, used in the North West of England, meaning "To be amazing at everything". Made up by Some Dumb Broad.
Woman: OH MY GOD you just ran over my kids!
Apauling: Haha, that was so apauling. Fancy getting raped?
Woman: Wha-
Apauling: Good.
by February 19, 2005
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Telling a joke that is incredibly unfunny, but insisting on repeating it to everyone you know.

Can also refer to a prank or joke that was pulled, but isn't funny, yet the original prankster insists on telling it over and over again to everyone he/she knows.
Hubert: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chris: *sigh* ....why?

Hubert: To get to the other side!! LOL HAHAH

Chris: ....that's just A-Paul-ing...
by Mustache Comb December 04, 2009
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