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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; recently opened for oil drilling with the full support of the Republican majority in the Senate. An area from which 60% of the oil excavated will be exported to other nations rather than, as the Republicans are selling it, used as "a first step towards energy independence". The United States Geological Survey has found that the accurate amount of usable oil to be found in ANWR is roughly 3.2 billion barrels, or a six-month supply if 100% of this oil was to be used domestically, which it won't be. This figure varies startlingly with the severely faulty figure of 16 billion barrels that pro-drilling Alaskan Senator Murkowski frequently mentions. The amount of wildlife found in the area and the myriad ways in which the region will be damaged by oil drilling are played down as much as possible by Republicans and others in favor of drilling, although numerous studies and reports have found that the area would be irreversibly affected by such drilling. Populations of Caribou and fish that native tribes such as the Gwich'in rely on for food and other practical purposes would be dented considerably. A piece of land that was to go untainted by the malicious grope of corporate greed until the GOP took power once more.
"Good steward of the land" my ass, Mr. Bush.
by Squid Wrangler April 23, 2005
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The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Region in Alaska in which Republicans favor drilling for oil. Environmentally diverse region.
The debate on ANWR will be shelved for another year.
by eskog July 09, 2004
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"You would think that congress would pass a law stating that Federally protected lands would be free from the oil companies..."
by Jake March 31, 2005
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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the coastal plain of which has vast oil reserves and very little vegetation. Environmentalists are pissed that we are going to use 2000 acres of this barren land to explore and extract oil. Never mind the fact that the population of caribou has increased in Prudhoe Bay, a place far less environmentally friendly than what ANWR will be.
ANWR should have been developed 15 years ago, but because of the environazis we are stuck with gas on its way to six bucks a gallon. Assholes.
by i hate environazis April 03, 2005
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