An Anus that is so EPIC and urban that your penis juice just evaporates, urban in the meaning of EPIC and not some stupid city but as in epic as fuck. An anus so urban that the feeling us so unaxplainable not even steven hawkings could define it. Its just simply an Urban Anus. These anus's are so rare that only a proximity of 4/100 lives will find an Urban Anus.
man: God damn girl thats one hell of an Urban Anus.
wahmen: thanks.
by AssBlaster64 December 04, 2018
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When you shove a skittle up your anus until you fart it out and you get a severe infection.
*fart* Oh no, I got a severe infection from shoving a skittle up my ass and farting it out! Ive got the Skittle Anus now
by peepeefart137293829 June 14, 2021
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When your anal cavity gets to so torn that it begin to tear.
Yo man that BBC gave me a Slit-Anus
by BigBoi72 November 15, 2019
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When a punk with a stupid name, like “Adam”, spends years fooling his coworkers into thinking they are his friends. He laughs with them, cries with them, confides in them, throws burritos with them, and reaches high things for them. But then he pops his lung, on account of his lanky-Ness, and his coworkers selflessly take care of him like one of their own. His lung heals and then he asks for his palm sander back and takes the Cards Against Humanity expansion pack and runs... never to be heard from again.
Rick is just going end up pulling an anus again after he gets what he wants from those people.
by Wet n' wild danger kitty January 03, 2021
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Something that likes to be stuffed. This anus differs from a normal anus because it does come from a from a hat. So, it may not even exist in this field of reality. Originated from a discord server called, "The Secret Organization" that was playing a Cards Against Humanity game. Within the Cards Against Humanity game, the first person to use the card with the term on it was The Ultimate ASMR, otherwise known as Ghost. It was used several times as a white card, and was even used to win several rounds. It is now a running joke in the server.
Well, gently caress Emo's Anus with a chainsaw and call me Sally!

Emo's Anus is my city.

Wow, those boxes are stuffed with oranges, just like Emo's Anus!

Emo's Anus x Cards Against Humanity

Does that mean Emo's Anus vores stuff?

Welcome to Emo's Anus store!~ (tts version only)

Never stop Emo's Anus abuse.

Emo hats gender is actually an Emo Anus!

Where is Emo's reserve anus? Wait no, the other one.

Do you believe in our Lord and Savior, Emo's Anus?
by isabouttobestuffedintoEmosAnus November 18, 2017
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