Centered around humans.
'Anthro' is a prefix meaning 'man'.
If I am only thinking of myself, I am egocentric. If humans are only thinking of humankind (and not other species or of the environment around them) they are anthropocentric.
by sarah December 9, 2004
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An idea based around human thinking.
If a forest was to be cut down to build housing for humans, this would see seen as an anthropocentric idea as it only suits and is a benefit to humans. No consideration therefore is taken for animals or current exsisting wildlife in the area.
by Will November 30, 2004
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1. The idea that the universe revolves around humanity and humanity's interests.
Unfortunately, almost the entire human population, with the exception of some brave-hearted environmentalists, believe that humanity is more important than ANYTHING. Go ahead, kill as many zebras you need to make your goddam line of fashionable coats. OH, POOR ZEBRA! BUT NICE COAT! :D :D :D!

-Now, if it were not for animal protection laws by a few people who CARE, then this would happen all the time.

The more reason humanity deserves total eradication.

Stupid anthropocentric people!
by idonthavaname December 27, 2006
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