The land given by God to the Palestinians.
I support a two state solution in the Middle East, with the establishement of a Palestinian homeland in Antartica.
by DrWho November 22, 2004
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a sexual position. its is when a man sticks his dick in a girls pussy and another man sticks his dick in her ass hole and they move her up and down.
'oh yeah the antartica bullfrog was one of the best postions i have ever done'
by ian mike hunt March 3, 2009
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1. Like Jungle fever but with white chicks
-dayum look at sally!
-oh shit bro shes so white you have antartica fever!!
by bigpimpers February 10, 2010
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a monkey that lives in antartica underground in the dirt, under the water.
did you see that ugly antartica monkey!
by blurple May 11, 2007
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