is a boys/girls name their mostly happy and look at the bright side of life. Their not an open book, but they are the most friendliest people. Their funny and smart in their own way. They sometimes don't know what they should choose to listen to their heart or their brains. Losing them would mean your losing someone who you can talk to but also a person who will make you happy no matter what. They also like it when you treat them like you prince/princess/king/queen.
hey ansu.
by Sammy 55red April 12, 2017
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A practice done by the Unification Church to extract evil spirits from the bodies of its' members by patting/hitting/slapping their bodies while singing to traditional Unification 'holy song' "Grace of the Holy Garden".

This practice was adapted by Korean shamanism. It was developed to satisfy the sadistic members of the UC.
Oh, you can hear the UC members ansu'ing throughout all the mountains in the area nearby Cheong Pyeong.
by BruceyB August 25, 2009
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A term for the anus. Often used in a anal sexual way.
I'll fuck you up your ansu!
by Sinned December 4, 2002
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is also a name for a girl or a boy. They are mostly sweet but they are really sensitive and caring. Many keep them too themselves as they are afraid that they will be judged. They all have a weak heart, some can also had issues with anger but they keep to themselves. Many are stone cold even there're hands. They a group of strong ones, their love, their happiness, their anger, their hate all but the heart making them be confused on what love is and on who they love. They can be strong cold, some called them the cold ones, stone cold, weak and cold heart. Once they fall, boy they fall so hard. Once they hate, you don't want to be that person who they hate. Many stay cold hearted, they don't show that they have hearts. Only a little try to bend in, by staying happy and cheerful. Once they fall in love it's beautiful.
by Sammy 55red April 9, 2018
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Normally good a golf but likes MEN and is normally WEIRD
Ansu is a werid gay man
by forqivemen April 7, 2022
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Guy 1: Do you think Ansu Fati can replace Messi

Guy 2: Bro he's basically Black Messi
by Youknow 'mright December 19, 2021
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