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noun: a person you enjoys being fingered in the anus; more specifically, receiving prostate massages. It is common knowledge that this can be achieved through the use of an electrical sex toy that vibrates, but an ansell prefers a human touch.

A person is not an ansell if they compromise to the external massage of the perineum.

verb: The action of performing a prostate massage or general finger up the bum
noun: The guy I got with last night was an ansell! I thought I was going to lose my fingers!

verb: Guy 1: I love getting anselled, it feels so...natural
Guy2: I've never had it done, is it really that good?
Guy 1: yeah! do you want me to ansell you to find out?
Guy 2: .....go on then, just a cheeky one. And then we can watch meatspin.
by reallywhatisapseudonym February 07, 2011
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