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an angry gorilla is when you shave your pubes, then have a chick give you a blow then come on her face and throw a handful of pubes in her face,making her look like a gorilla.
the night before i left my wife, i gave her an angry gorilla
by c.j. November 18, 2003
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When a person is mad for whatever reason and has to take a shit. They decide to shit in their hand and then leave the shit in a public location. Typically, finger markings are left in the shit to make it appear like a hand grenade. Originally mentioned on the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning radio show.
Joe was so ticked at his boss when he worked at a movie theater that he left an angry gorilla in the urinal.
by dipiddy July 26, 2011
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When you shave your butt crack and someone gives you a rim job, and they proceed to get your butt hair all over their face and mouth. They then run around the room waving their arms while screaming "arrgh!" at the top of their lungs.
I figured I would shave my asscrack for my girl, but I didn't clean all the hair off. So when she went to work on my cornhole I ended up giving her the angry gorilla!
by Akhetnu March 31, 2006
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when a guy shaves all his pubic hair off and after a girl gives him head he throws them in her face and kicks her in the shin
after I shaved off my pubes I stashed them in my left pocket for later...then she sucked my dick and when I exploded in her face I flung the contents of my left pocket from earlier in and around her face then I kicked her in the shin and that is the angry gorilla
by gus gus angry September 12, 2008
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when you take a shit and it flies all over the toilet leaving the bowl all messy just like if you would take the toilet off the floor and slam it back down.
Man, someone pulled the angry gorilla on that shit pot!!!
by Shifty February 02, 2004
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