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Those English-speaking nations and communities that have historically and in general based their political institutions on representative constitutional government and the rule of law, their legal institutions on common law, their economic insitutions primarily on free enterprise and voluntary exchange, all founded on a strong civil society composed of freely associating individual and groups forming a network of networks.
The pathbreaker civilization for modernity has been the Anglosphere in the political, legal and economic fields.
by Lexington Green February 23, 2005
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An international commonwealth of countries who derive their concepts of civil society, rule of law, property rights, common law and democratic and capitalist principles from English legal and social norms as espoused in the Magna Carta, the U.S. Constitution, and other landmark legal documents. Such a commonweath would include the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand among others.
The Coalition forces against Iraq were made up almost entirely of military personnel from the Anglosphere.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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