The fetish practice of removing metal cock rings, used to sustain an erection that inhibits horizontal removal (warning: not recommended for ages 5 and under), with tools from Home Depot.
Herbert put on his sexy construction worker suit and touched the tip of his power tool gently against the steel ring on Billy's penis, which had now grown to resemble a big, juicy angry red pickle. They'd planned for weeks on Recon to meet up try some bondage, including the angle grinder.
by QualityShitpost March 10, 2016
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The sexual act of finding a Russian foreign exchange student, stripping them down, rubbing them with motor oil, and nailing them on a tool bench. Guarenteed to get you major "props" with all of your friends. Because Russian chicks are smokin.
(Unless they are named Olga)
Grant! Are you kidding me? A Ukranian angle grinder?? You are a god!!
by What Grant did to her April 22, 2011
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someone that’s hard to read that will come at you from a different angle when asking a question In order to gain the answer to the question there after
What an angle grinder, I had no idea what they where getting at until now
by Steph anie ;; July 29, 2021
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