otherwise known as mamabear. She has crazy good looks and tends to be a very dirty girl! Loved by most, envied by many. Watch out if you get on her bad side because you may have just opened a can of whoop ass! Very loyal, trustworthy & drop dead gorgeous. has TIGG'O BITTIES! Love anyone named Anessa because she is the best!
boy: "damn baby! let me touch those tigg'o bitties!"
anessa: "what did you just say?!"
*violently attacks boy*

boy: *on the floor* "SORRY! I'M SORRY!"
anessa: "yeah bitch you better be fucking sorry!"
by cubs1&2 November 20, 2011
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Someone who is sweet to her friends and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. She’s very nice and you won’t regret meeting her!
Hey, how come I don’t know Anessa? She sounds amazing!
by SomeoneYouDon’tKnowVeryWell February 19, 2018
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a sexy chick, cool, laid back, and fun to hang with. But don't piss her off,

cause she will unleash the furry! A good friend, great mother & an awesome

lover!! (so I've heard)

adj. describing a whole lot of whoop ass!
#1 : "Oh no you did'nt!!"

# 2 : "Oh yes, I did!"

# 1 : "Oh no you did'nt!"

# 2 : "Yes, I did!!"

# 3 "Did you see the Anessa that she just delivered onto that Biotch??"

# 4 : "Yeah, I betcha she'll think twice, before doing that again!"
by Scotties girl February 05, 2010
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Anessa is a quite weird person. Depending on the Anessa you get, itll always turn out to be a good one. Anessa is usually a friendly person ready to take on the day with lots of funny scenarios and jokes a long the way, but if you catch the sad and depressed Anessa, it is heartbreaking to see how broken she is at the time. When Anessa is sad it isn’t just a day or so, it’s usually for a few weeks, now i wouldn’t call it overall depressed but deeply sad for a medium period of time. Now sometimes if you do happen to find a depressed Anessa it’s hard to find the origin of sadness and she will be quiet about the whole thing and not very attention seeking like by blurting our all the time phrases like “I am depressed asf and i wanna die” type phrases but very quiet and if she talks to you, know she trusts you a lot.
by urlocalmemer November 30, 2019
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