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Someone who is sweet to her friends and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. She’s very nice and you won’t regret meeting her!
Hey, how come I don’t know Anessa? She sounds amazing!
by SomeoneYouDon’tKnowVeryWell February 19, 2018
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otherwise known as mamabear. She has crazy good looks and tends to be a very dirty girl! Loved by most, envied by many. Watch out if you get on her bad side because you may have just opened a can of whoop ass! Very loyal, trustworthy & drop dead gorgeous. has TIGG'O BITTIES! Love anyone named Anessa because she is the best!
boy: "damn baby! let me touch those tigg'o bitties!"
anessa: "what did you just say?!"
*violently attacks boy*

boy: *on the floor* "SORRY! I'M SORRY!"
anessa: "yeah bitch you better be fucking sorry!"
by cubs1&2 November 20, 2011
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a sexy chick, cool, laid back, and fun to hang with. But don't piss her off,

cause she will unleash the furry! A good friend, great mother & an awesome

lover!! (so I've heard)

adj. describing a whole lot of whoop ass!
#1 : "Oh no you did'nt!!"

# 2 : "Oh yes, I did!"

# 1 : "Oh no you did'nt!"

# 2 : "Yes, I did!!"

# 3 "Did you see the Anessa that she just delivered onto that Biotch??"

# 4 : "Yeah, I betcha she'll think twice, before doing that again!"
by Scotties girl February 05, 2010
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