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she is sweet and when she likes someone she'll smile alot at them or be a little goofy and if you got her dont loose her.she will be there when your sad and all her haters better back off because shes a fighter and she dont date her friends exes because she dont do that and if she did then that meant you were okay with it and if you like her make her see it before its to late and boys listen up she's an awesome girl and shes kinda mean but get used to it and if your mad at her you'll regret because if its like a week she haven't talked to you,you lost her friendship.She goes through alot of stuff and still has the sunshine in her pocket. Shes everything and when shes sad be by her side , cause there when no one else is .she is only one of a kind .Give her chance and she will be your world.Shes buitifull and in the light her eyes are light brown and dont give up on her and she likes making friend and shes a bad bish and supportive .
anayali mean a cup of sunshine
by itsyoqueenyo May 24, 2018
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Shes nice and a little bitchy and always have her true best friends back and she goes throw a lot of shit but shes strong and she dont care what any one says about her and she learns things fast and loves to dance but dont show it (sometimes) but if shes there at a party or a dance she will get into it and a great singer but dont show it and shes beautiful in the outside but hurting in the inside ,if your her friend your lucky because she has your back even if your mad at her .she always has a friend by her side .Dont get on her mad side because she dont care who you are unless family.If shes really mad at you she will angore you for 2 months or less but she is a good girlfriend and goofy ,wild and sometimes to over protected but if you got her by your side dont loose her you will regret it even if she gets crazy.
woow have you saw anayali she is amazing
by itsyoqueenyo May 17, 2018
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