Comes from "And That" when said in a sentence its shortened.
We just went to the beach anat!
by FFFFFFFN October 14, 2003
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Etcetera. Can be used to imply or inquire about the possibility of unknown or unspecified objects or activities.
Yinz goin' dahntahn anat? Literal translation: Are you all going to go downtown? Implied question: What are you going to do there?
by shef November 9, 2003
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Expression used to finish a sentence, quote or when you are simply short of words.
Quote "DAMM, have a look at the arse on that!"
Reply "anat"
by malcolm duckett October 15, 2003
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Abbreviation of "and that". Commonly used at the end of a sentence.
George is a real wanker anat.
by Stu October 15, 2003
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Can be used to emphasise a point
"damm girl, you have the best looking pussy anat!"
by chopper October 20, 2003
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a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal for Chick-fil-a. They attend Chick-fil-a on a regular basis and can not help but rave to other people about how extraordinary Chick-fil-a is in every aspect.
Did you see the chick-fil-anatic come in to our restaurant for the 3rd time today?
by ambsdawn April 18, 2011
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Having a sticky grenade shoved up your rear in the popular X-Box game Halo.

Can also mean that you have been beaten in the rear by some noobie (new to the video game).
He was totally frieken ass-ass-anated by that grenade!

That noob totally ass-ass-anated that veteran gamer.
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