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Pertaining to gambling. More specifically to be legit in the gambling world. Name is coined after the infamous greek gambler Anastasios Tasos Anastasius. After playing heads up poker with arch nemisis Tony "sour puss" Anotonio for nearly 29 hours Anastasios decided to break the game while up $78,528. Upon hearing this Tony "sour puss" Antonio accused Anastasios of tying to pull a hit and run by not giving him a fair chance to win his money back. Anastasios responded to this baseless claim by challenged Tony to a high card duel whereby each player would draw just one card for the full $78,528 amount. Upon hearing this Tony "sour puss" crawled back into his hole and spent the rest of his days working at the cheese factory working doubleshifts in order to pay for his rent.
Player one: All in
Player two: Call
Player one: I have a king high flush what do you have
Player two: I thought my two pair would be good
Player one: With 4 spades on the board? Who do you take me for Tony "sour puss"
Player two: I apologize for my ignorance your "Anastasios", your legit.
Player one: Go back to your cheese factory.
by Gus Hansen January 16, 2007
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This is a word that means to be dirty and whorish, like a dirty pirate hooker from whore island. It can also be used to describe a very finely woven basket.
"That girl is such an anastasio"
by bob denver March 11, 2005
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