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Anandita is the meaning of Love. Who teaches what love in its true sense is. She gives meaning to life. She is the best thing tqhat can ever happen to you. She will make you feel the happiest when she is in your life. She will love you utterly and unconditionally. She is Selfless and Giving. She is honest sincere and loves with all she got. She is innocent yet naughty. She is grumpy at times yet knows how to pounce like a Tigress. She means the world to those who know her worth and only a fool would do the mistake of losing or hurting her.
Mushkin Anandita Sweetheart Anandita Anandita Baby Cutie Pie Anandita Tigress Anandita Monkey Anandita
by Sleepyhead Nick March 30, 2014
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