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the state of being the most anal possible. 100% anal. taking anal to the next level.
Joanna's analism was so bad she lost all her friends!
by phiny January 31, 2008
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being anal about multiple issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, repeating behaviors multiple times in a row, or issues with your ass, possibly taking it in the ass multiple times, taking it in the ass with multiple toys and/or partners at the same time
OMG she has entirely too many analisms she has to lock the doors 3 times every time she leaves. She love her analisms with her big black toy and her girlfriends strap on! He totally digs analisms with his man and his toys!
by Monarch Beauty August 20, 2012
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the state of being purely anal and sticking to it.
j.n was purely anal and difficult which made me think of what would you call someone like that. I thought of the state of analism and that analism should be a word
by phiny January 29, 2008
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