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to place chocolate chips in a girl's anus and to lather ones cock in cookie dough. Then procede to fuck and then bake the now mashed together cookies. Afterwards it is tradition to force feed ones step mother to eat the cookies and slap ones stepfather
Jake and Betty made anal cookie. Afterwards they went to Betty's dads house and forced her mother to eat the cookies. They then slapped Betty's dad...but not too hard...he has a shotgun.
by Metal CP February 25, 2007
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a piece of shit that comes out of the asshole
OMG that is one HUGE anal cookie !!
by B0B January 02, 2005
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when one man lathers his satchel in cookie dough and the girl sticks some chocolate chips up her backward area...and the make sweet love in a sauna...and eat it if they get and chips and dough to collide...they then continue to whip eachother until bleeding occurs. After this they go to the females parents house and spit on the females mother...and slap the father.
Jim and Lil were bored and near a sauna and fresh cookie dough...They decided to make anal cookie. Jim lathered is white white cocker in the cookie dough and lil fed her nice applebottom some chocolate chips...they made cookies in the sauna and afterwards whipped eachother till the bled. They then went to Lils house and spit on lils mom. Then they slapped her father, but not too hard because he has a shotgun.
by Cindy Woo Hoo October 26, 2006
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Oral sex of the anus, also known as a rim job
Tyler pulled down his shorts and offered Alex an anal cookie
by Little Demons August 25, 2017
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