Anaheim Hills, even though across from Yorba Linda, they are both wealthy cities in which there are spoiled rich bitch kids who drive their new BMW's, Mercedes, and lifted trucks that their mommy and daddies bought them.
Anaheim Hills...
Guy -Whoooah BRO! ain't packing much in your pants their huh with that big ass truck?
Bro -Do I'll so knock you out bro, I watch UFC 24/7 bro!

by Mike is Right July 24, 2008
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A once small suburbia where all the 'real' people live. Not like those fake people in LA...If you don't have a type A personality or drive a BMW you're probably working at In-N-Out. Teenagers seen walking the streets are all anemic. Small dogs rule the streets. Mormons are everywhere.

But at least there's lotsa pot.
"Anaheim Hills is kind of like a black hole filled with white people and illegals landscaping."
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