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Urban dick is someone who uses someones name in a manner that is offensive, or defamatory. Calling women whores, sluts, bitches, tarts and making up ficticious stories about their sexual history has been a passtime of urbandicks for some time, and is a prime example of an urban dick.
Generally it is used for the following purposes
a. to get someone fired, and / or ruin a reputation
b. revenge on an ex who dumped you
c. revenge on your ex's new girlfriend or crush
d. an invalid rape defence
c. the only form of insult an ignorant uneducated retarded lowlife degenerate criminal can think of to discredit someone.

Generally the women targeted by urban dicks are indeed not whores, but high profile, often even celibate people who have enemies due to their wide social circles.
Publishing this information can lead one to believe the editors of urban dictionary are in fact urban dicks themselves, but who knows. If the site had a "report abuse"' button or filter, and stuck to its original objective of providing a forum for the creation of new words and phrases and witty slang perhaps it would not attract so many degenerates.'
An urban dick can be identified by their lack of education and morals, lack of social life, or social skills, extremely demented brain cells that may be contagious, often caused by alcohol or narcotics. These people should be avoided, as they are like wild animals such as snakes who can even turn on their animal friends.
"i was fired because of that whore. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that i am an incompetent ignoramous without a degree or a clue, and in fact nothing to do with her" - an urban dick 1
"i date raped that girl, so i'll just call her a whore as my defence" -an urban dick 2
"that whore stole (or is trying to steal) my boyfriend, i know she probably isn't one but i am a lowlife who uses bad language so i'll keep saying it." -urban dick 3
"i was arrested because of that whore. (I wonder if it's her fault or because i broke the law)" urban dick 4
"i don't even know these whores, but i was brought up so badly that all my language consists of swearwords, some of which i can't even spell, so i'll keep calling women that" urban dick 5
" i have the mental capacity of a child and no social skills so i spend all my time on urban dictionary making up ficticious rumors about other peoples sex lives because i am so ugly and such an aresehole that i can't get laid" urban dick 6
"i am an narcissistic sociopath who gets off on making other peoples lives hell, so i might go online and call some more women i know whores" -urban dick 7
" I am a mafioso who is made at that whore for ruining my crime syndcate so i'm gonna kill that whore and post lies online for everyone to see" - urban dick 8
" I want that girls job so i'll tell everyone she's a whore" urban dick 9
by policecu January 17, 2011
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