1. when you are playing among us after eating taco bell or chipotle

2. when you try to dutch oven someone but you shit yourself because you have diarrhea
among fard: “dude last night jeff tried to give me a dutch oven but he shit himself and it got in my mouth
by informative definition person December 15, 2021
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the game that destroys friendships, in which you aim to kill your bestfriend first because you are on facetime and you told them you were a crewmate.
AMONG US is the game used to kill and get out rage.
by RandomCrazyWeirdo October 29, 2020
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A game of many kinds of people.

The people that dress like fruits.

The people who try making a name like "I told u I"

The horny little shits who name themselves "step sis" or "hxrny boy" or "cute girl" or "im single"

The person named imposter

The discord cheats who name themselves Hi and Hi 1.

The person fucking literally named nothing, and says nothing the whole fucking game

The guy who speaks another language and is stupid enough to not change the region or chat language

The guy who really tries to troll and says its me, i'm the imposter

The guy you trust for like 5 games straight because you were both crewmates and then he kills you

The salty little shits who ban you after winning the game

The simps, who keep saying gross shit in the chat.

The simps who are bigger shitheads that ban you for calling them simps.

The little shits who ban you for roasting them

The little shits who ban you for exposing their cheating

The kid who bans you the second you join the game

The dumbass who kicks you and when you rejoin they call you a hacker

The sellout imposter who gives away the other imposter

The 10000000 IQ guy who understands the Polus Map

People who name themselves after their hats
Among Us, the game with a bunch of colored pills running around , with one of them killing other pills
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Proof that the internet is getting obsessed with beans, with Fall Guys also being crucial evidence.
Among Us is a game where you play as a bean that tries not to die and do all depressing tasks, including swiping a card that can never be swiped(which would be a great punishment in the old times).
by ChiefLEGOLover January 13, 2021
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World War II started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany. The war in Europe ended with Germany's surrender on May 7, 1945. The war in the Pacific ended when Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945.
by The Gay Nigger June 27, 2021
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