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A girl with a beautiful smile and hart.A person who never gives up on friends and will never leave there side, if you turn your back on her she will be crushed and hard to forgive but she will always understand you. She loves animals,art,family and friends. She's beautiful in and out, she will never let people down, she's a strong, tough and brave girl who is just human like everyone else but is unique in her own way!
She is an amazing person you will Fall in love with as a (friend or more) she is Amilia with a awesome personality.
by Mia03 November 21, 2016
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Amilia is funny smart and most of all cute
She will lift your spirits in the darkest of times
Amilia is the best girlfriend that will every live and and has 4 off the most amazing best friends
Boy-who is she
Friend - amilia she has a boyfriend
Boy - who
Friend - me
Boy - wtf jayden you didn't tell me
by Sentai boy March 07, 2019
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A beautiful and amazing girl who always brings smiles to everyone around her. While she can be easy to trigger (especially if you are talking about her height) she still keeps a calm attitude towards anything. She is always fun to hang around with and will bring joy into your life. Find a Amilia and protect her with your life.
β€œWow look it’s Amilia,”
β€œHoly shit, Ima go hug her.”
by Prez Dakoz December 16, 2018
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A stupid bitch that has a huge ass mouth... literally. If she ran as much as she ran her mouth, she would be in good shape. But... She got huge tits.
"You are running your mouth like Amilia" "She got big racks like Amilia"
via giphy
by MABD May 19, 2018
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She is a lying bitch, and has no life. She thinks she so cool when she’s really not. An ugly girl. She fakes her breast. She is a fake person whose not gonna go anywhere in life. She acts all innocent when she actually is the worst person ever.
Oh look it’s amilia, we better leave
by Gay bastard April 24, 2019
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