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Amicae is a strong girl who often finds herself lost. She feels lost in the world and like there is no way to get out. Though she feels this way she doesn't stop looking till she finds a resolution to her problem. Amicae likes to be independent. She is stronger, more powerful, and more intelligent then she looks and lets off. She will defend herself and those she loves and cares about. She doesn't take disappointment well so don't disappoint her. Her anger is through the roof but she is a really nice, caring, and loving person. She's loyal to her partner to death. It's not easy to get close to her because she's so closed off. She believes you have to earn her trust, loyalty, and respect and one slip up and she won't hesitate to kick you out. Once you walk out of her life there's no coming back. The door to her life will lock behind you. Amicae will protect anyone she loves, cares about, or any stranger too. She wants to make the world a better place but won't hesitate to use confrontation if someone gets in her way. Once she falls in love she loves hard but if you break her she won't dwell over you. She's not gonna cry over someone when she knows she can just go out and find someone that really loves her and cares about her.
She is outstanding. She is the most gorgeous person you will ever meet. Her body is amazing what these guys would say is "slim thick" she attracts many people but will brush them off like she doesn't know she has an affect on them.
"Hey Miranda heard you fought Amicae today... sorry to hear you took that L"
"Yeah I fought her, she's stronger than she looks"
strong powerful

"Hey Justin did you see Amicae today? She's looking great today isn't she?"

"Yeah dude. I totally scored I got a date with her tonight. She always looks great she's so beautiful."
"Ah dude I'm so jealous. Your a lucky guy!"
beautiful amazing jealous lucky
by SRoseH February 07, 2017
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