When you're a bitch and trying to be more of a bitch. jordan ring
She is on her period and geting more bitch and super sanaiyan all out ambitchous.
by poprocks 2121 December 28, 2015
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Person 1:"I am going to win this championship and anyone who gets in my way will suffer the consequences!"
Person 2:"Gosh, your so ambitchous!"
by JoVah October 25, 2008
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A person who is so ambitious that they come off as a bitch.
Girl 1: "What is Andy's new girl like?"
Girl 2 "She's ok.. she's a little ambitchous if you know what I mean."
Girl 1: "I don't fully understand yet!"
Girl 2: "Well she orders a blended sparkling water every time she comes to the cafe."
Girl 1: "Oh she's one of THOSE. Thanks for clarifying!"
by POOOOOOPMCDOOP December 27, 2016
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An overly ambitious person not afraid to step on others to get what they want.
He was such a bitch when it came to achieving his goals...he was almost...ambitchous about it.

Stacy, stop being so ambitchous!

Most politicians and queen bees are exhibit highly ambitchous behavior.
by PutstheMACKon January 23, 2012
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Females taking on a challenge, but crush it despite it was more than what they wanted at moment
MagZ: so, you want to run ramapo or is that too ambitious?
Mel: nah
While running vertical, "this was AmBITCHous "
by M_squared April 19, 2018
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