Euphamism for New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's. When millions of people fill up all the bars get drunk and genrally act like real drinkers do on a normal Tuesday.
I'm not going out, It's amatuer night out there. Let's just sit here and drink scotch
by J-Hi September 27, 2004
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used to describe Friday and Saturday nights at bars in Alaska, when all the amateur alcoholics are out. Pro nights are all the other nights of the week when the real alcoholics hone their skills
"want to go to the Alaskan tonight?

nope, not on amateur night"
by sayonaura May 23, 2004
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Referring to a night night out at the bar. Usually a Brodeo filled with "Tools and Fools." Quite common in Bozeman, Montana.

May also refer to large quantities of hippies and dumb chicks who do not know how to act in a bar setting and become quite intoxicated and may express Paris Hilton or Tara Reid-like qualities.
Dude, this bar sucks. There's a chick puking in the bathroom and 50 guys making out with some Skank Tanks from the bachelorette party. It's totally amateur night.
by Gannon H April 20, 2008
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Naval term for the day after payday, when nothing seems to go right, especially shipboard evolutions.
Damn! tomorrows gonna' be amateur night.
by Atomic Johnny March 31, 2005
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the act of struggling to remove one's partner's or one's own pants, bra, or unders when things are getting sexy
1--I was fumbling around back there like it was amateur night; I don't know how they undo those things without looking.

2--I know, so then, I reached down, and tried to take off my boxers, but they got hooked on my foot and it was like a total amateur night. I face planted beside her and accidentally woke her up, so needless to say, I didn't score.

3--COME ON! What the hell is this, amateur night?
by hurdleston December 8, 2010
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An event at a strip club, often on a Wednesday night, where non-strippers can get naked for cash prizes. Often requires a minimum of three contestants.
She and her friends did amateur night at the Vu last week!
by theRadioStar July 16, 2008
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When something is particularly poorly organised or just incompetent , one way of describing it is " Amateur Night in Dixie"
by W. Smithers June 15, 2011
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