Alt-girls are supposed to be girls that wear alternative fashion (goth, emo, etc.), listen to non-mainstream music, and are usually left winged.

However, there's been some confusions between actual alt girls and girls who claim to be alt but they're not. The girls that claim to be "alt-girls" are those who say things like Hello Kitty says ACAB, KAM (in a serious manner for petty reasons), and bully basic girls. They also use AAVE (African American Vernacular English) excessively and/or in the wrong manner, even when they're not black people. They also take part in gender wars and that's not okay. Their activism is extremely performative and give the wrong idea of what left wingers are supposed to be like. We refer to the ones who claim to be alt-girls but not, as Emily.
Alt-girls are supposed to be cool, but the Emilys ruined it!
by tofunicorn January 27, 2021
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Girl 1: Omg i went to being an alt-girl and now i’m gay
by 123456789098765432169 June 1, 2021
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Straight mostly white girls that pretend to be bisexual for attention and get offended when people say f*ggot or n*gga even though it isn't offensive to them. They stan shitty annoying kpop girl bands or stupid ass minecraft youtubers. They also pick fights for attention, and whenever its a 1 on 1 arguement, they always call their shitty online friends to help them because they have an ass argument and they just spam ur dms. They are also often social rejects who have no friends in school so they have a much more prominent appearance online, but when they turn the laptop off, they are losers in real life.
Me: "Yeah I called some white girl an ugly nigga on instagram because she was annoying me, and all her friends started attacking me, AND IM BLACK, and she starting calling me racist. "
Friend: "Yeah bro that's alt-girls for you."
by ChubakaIsGay December 29, 2021
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A female who listens to alternative music and/or wears any sub-genre of alternative clothes (goth, emo, e-girl, scene, unspecified, etc)
Person: oh look, it's an alt girl. I love their style.
by lkjhgfdsa2121 March 13, 2022
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Alt/indie girls, or alt people (mostly teenage girls) typically wear thrifted clothes, dyed hair, and fun/unique makeup. “Alt” is not entirely based on appearance, as it can also be about the music you listen to and your political views and opinions. You can have an “alt style” but also not have the personality. If you gatekeep, judge or are just mean in general, you’re not considered (fully) alt. Most people who do this and still say they’re “alt” aren’t alt, they’re just following the trend and seeking validation😁 Alt is short for alternative. Alternative is also a music genre.
Person 1: “I’m an Alt Girl
Person 2: “I’m a skater boy
by toebuttfart September 14, 2020
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commonly (but not always) one of the most annoying girls on the planet. they're all over tiktok. most of their videos consist of color customizer, along with random words like "i'm literally so hot stfu" (most annoying) and use 🥺 unironically. they like to tell men to not sexualize girls and then make videos of them joking about groping their friends (how about nobody sexualizes anybody?). they also take 'kill all men' way too far when it's supposed to be a joke. they call themselves 'under rated' but their content is just them staring into the camera and moving their head around. if you call them out for being bitchy they usually come back with "i have trust issues beacause (insert traumatic incident here)" and try to guilt trip you. they say 'don't judge others and love yourself 🥺💕" and then make fun of 'basic' girls. they also think that outting on heavy make up from a tutorial on youtube is a personality trait. over all, just stay away from "alt tiktok".
person: "hey you shouldn't sexualize girls. being bi doesn't give you a pass :/"

alt girl: "lol ok homophobe. WOOF WOOF ARF HOWL GRRR GROWL WOOF"
by transpanic December 21, 2020
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If anyone refers to themself as this, run. They probably brag about drinking monster everyday and say they have every mental problem in the world.
"My best friend is an Alt girl."
"Dude what the fuck. Drop her ass."
by Justanormaltransman May 28, 2021
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