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A place I live very, very close to. A place I have had to go to take piss tests. A place I have had to work shit, low wage jobs in. I am very, very white and I have nothing against hispanics or blacks. They are fine. What people don't like about Allentown is that it is filled to the brim with drugs and assholes.

Billy Joel wrote a song about it too. But he has much better songs (none of which are on any of his 'greatest hits')...
White guy: Allentown PA is disgusting. Needles in the street, people getting shot, etc... And there's only 150,000 people in the fucking city!!! What a waste.

White guy #2: Well yeah, it's obvious why. A crack rock in New York that sells for $5 can sell for up to $25 here so why the fuck would those dickheads NOT flood the streets with it?

Wigger from Northampton, Nazareth, etc....: Say word son!?! I'm-a hop in da whip and head down to A-town to score some dope so I can be cool like all the scum sucking assholes who live off youse guyses taxes.

Intellegent Black guy (to wigger): Lousey Ignorant Fuck!!!
by E-krills August 31, 2006
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City in Pennslyvania. Great place to grow up racially diverse. Great people, great city, great schools. However the white people dont like the fact that theres alot of hispanics, because theyre most likely jealous. FUCK the haters, like the one above me.
Allentown is a great place to live, where your children will grow up in a racially diverse background.
by anthonysuarez July 29, 2005
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