Okay; nothing wrong; peachy keen.

It very infrequently means 'not okay' or 'I'm secretly having a bad day' or 'something is wrong, but I'm trying to hide/ignore it'.
Good Example:
"Hey, man, how are you doing?"
"I'm all right."
"Hey, do you want to go get some ice cream and play some Sega Genesis games?"
"That sounds all right to me, my friend."

Bad Example:
"How's it going?"
"All right."
"Just all right?"
Here, it implies the first speaker used 'all right' in an incorrect sense, which is not likely the case.

Which may be followed by:

"Not 'great' or 'spectacular'?"
This response assumes the day has to be extraordinary or noteworthy. It implies the second speaker feels it's up to them to spice up the first speaker's life, wants to rope them into some time-wasting activity, or just has a terrible sense of humor.
by suibana April 30, 2010
A: How was last weeks episode of (blbhalahatvshownamehere)?
B: ehh.. it was all right
by pfr_77 August 29, 2006
Said at the end of a statement to indicate you want to make sure what you just said is understood. It can also mean that you want the subject in question closed or dropped.
"Kenny, because you do not have liability insurance,you may only wear your baseball cap and winter jacket. Nothing impressive. All right?" said the claims examiner.
by JMC70 February 14, 2018
Used interjectionally at the end of a statement to make sure that what you just said is understood,and sometimes also to indicate that you want the subject dropped.
"Kenny,for the second time,you may wear only a baseball cap and a winter jacket. Nothing impressive,because you don't have liability insurance. All right?" said the claims examiner.
by JMC70 February 11, 2018
The indication of free distribution and reproduction. or copyleft license.

It is a pun.
All UrbDic definition have a "All rights reversed." license
by Anonymous User 699 December 30, 2021
1.Someone who has nothing against white people
2. Someone who is underly pigmented (Albino)
If you're down with the brown you should be all right with the white
by -BERNARD July 27, 2006