an algoreithm is a specific set of instructions for assuring global warming by your own actions, while informing others to do differently.
that climate change activist's carbon footprint is so big he must be using the algoreithm.
by doc_octo February 12, 2008
n. Complex decision-making process used by environmentalists to evaluate the proper way to proceed when building a pipeline, designing a city, draining a swamp etc.

Are you using the latest algoreithm? Those owl burrows look a little close to the runway.
by gnostic3 February 4, 2020
Repeating a calculation until a prior desired result is produced. This refers to the 2000 US presidential elections, where Al Gore lost, but a long recount process gave the impression that it was going to continue forever until Al Gore is determined the winner (although eventually, the recount was stopped by the court and Bush was declared the winner).
The process you proposed is an algoreithm: instead of coming up with the right results it will just waste time and finally come up with exactly your predetermined results!
by nyh August 29, 2010
A long, mind boggling explanation of an environmental problem, set to Melissa Etheridge's music.
Vladimir: Did you really go to Professor Greengrass's lecture?

Estragon: Yeah, it was basically another AlGoreithm. That tree-hugger
by Ben_Dustman April 8, 2011