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Someone who is sweet and kind. Alesias are smart, funny and loyal. They are funny people to be around at school and can be very intelligent. Oh, and I forgot... She is very intelligent.
Guy1: That chick in AP Lit is so fine.

Guy2: Oh yea, that's Alesia. She's smart too. Some I can definitely take home to mom.
by Gabs&Marco February 20, 2015
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Free spirit; Goddess who is beautiful, funny, & very intelligent. Extremely Erotic.
God, she is HOT. That must be Alesia.
by AlesiaOne February 04, 2010
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Very unique. Doesn't give a fuck, but can be anything that any man can ask for. Her eyes are beautiful, and may be short. She is outspoken, but is a sweetheart once you get to know her. Usually does well with people who's name starts with..... "B" and can be athletic at one or two sports.
Alesia is an overall cool person and knows how to have a good time and loves having a good time.
by Antonio Tnerb June 22, 2010
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