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An amazing person that likes to have fun and is always there for you💕
She's such an Aleni 💗
by Belllllaaaaa February 19, 2017
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Alenis is a funny girl who takes jokes seriously on the low gets overly attached to people is very beautiful, smart, and does cheer.
by Lux xx July 20, 2019
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A girl that is beautiful and nice likes to joke around and you will fall in love with her when you see her
Look there’s alenis
by Arellanes May 19, 2018
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Aleni, and amazing empathetic person that lives to be herself. She’s hella weird 😂 but that’s what everyone loves about her. She walks into a room and WABAM the whole room is enlightened! She’s the joy to your world and she can be moody and sassy and have great attitude but once you get to know her she’s nice smart. Drop dead gorgeous like she’s sooo pretty 😍 and she stand up to what’s right. Aleni also is very anti social like very very at times she lll be talkative and friendly and then swings in that mood where she’s avoidkng eye contact at all times and human contact or communication of any kind. Aleni is a sweet and talented girl and had made some mistakes but owns up to it and she’s sometiems the envy of a lot of girls she’s pretty many people like her and she’s not air head-y meanings she doesn’t let her beauty get to head in fact she thinks herself she’s ugly and it’s quite sad. But aleni is aleni and she’s a really good friend to have! She’s funny like he reason people adore her is because of her humorous ways or her nice personality and she can give the best advice ever!! Relationship advice, depression or anxiety advice anything! She’s a warrior without armor and an angel without wings! Oh Aleni everyone loves her!
Isn’t that aleni? Yeah that is! I told her who my crush was in fourth grade she gave me some hella good advice and to this day me and that kid are still dating ahaha you should be her friend you’ll love her!
by Alexa Medina April 05, 2018
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alenis is an amazing bestfriend whom always speaks the truth, she is kind generous and a delightful person who will make you smile no matter what, she gives GOD her all, and worship him and thanks him for all that he has done and is doing in her life!
1 "wow alenis is a great example"
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by yayyayayayayayayayayayya April 16, 2019
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