When you get your girl wet enough that she bends over and you charge for the opposite side of the room and whatever hole is the hole. Get the walker ready.
I can’t believe that bitch let me albino rhino her last night my dick still hurts I hit her taint.
by Jennataila October 20, 2022
the most badass guy every in the history of the world
oh man that ALBINO BUFFALO is such a bad ass crazy cool
by albino buffalo September 9, 2008
Often goes by the name harleigh and is always blonde. Usually looks like a "skator boy", yes even with make up. Often weres there hair in TIGHT pony tail.
Look at that albino rat. I think its name is harleigh
by Ponytail blonde November 27, 2018
When a black man wants to have sex with a white women but wants to use a corny pick up line
Him: Hey have you ever heard of a albino hotdog? Her: No?

Him: When I stick my meat between your buns
by Kinginky4 March 8, 2022
A variant of the dirty Wookie.
When a man (or men) shaves a person bare, ejaculates all down somebody's nude body, covers them in the hair while they whine like chewy.
"Daddy, what's an albino wookie?"

"Well i'll tell you son, and then you'll realize why i can never go back to kashyyyk..."
by Pigeon on a Microscooter November 26, 2011