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the greats people in the world

they are the people who beat teh fuck put of italians austria-hungariens and germans. the most beutyful and tought people in the whole universe. me most turstworhty people in the world.
Albanians are people of great dignity and respect. People that if u fuck wit will cop u r had off. The people of the two hadded eagle and skenderbeu. They move to uk so they could get a better life cuz their country is going thrught hard time. Albanains have the most beutyful country in the world. Albanians have on of the most ancient country in the world and the best language of all time shqiptare per jet and the cleanest one. i got to agrry wit my boy up u do dress to take the garbage out some time we dress in suit to change are cars oil
I am Albanian
The albania hero is Skenderbeu
ALbanian beat the fuck out of their hate
Dat albanian is going out wit dis fine ass chick
Shqiptaret u qinte nene te terve
by K_thug_albo@hotmail.com March 1, 2006